Better Blood Solutions

SPAN started in 2005, a company focused exclusively on meeting the needs and challenges of the communities of Transfusion Medicine and Hematology. We now provide a spectrum of products that address Blood Collection, Screening, Separation, Storage and Processing by partnering with global leaders in the provision of these products and services. We aim to be the transfusion community's primary and single-stop solution provider.

Technologies we support:

We represent the best of the world, in India. Our philosophy is supporting technologies that improve the standard of care in our country and working towards that end, SPAN offers "BETTER BLOOD SOLUTIONS" to meet your needs. The product line includes a full range of equipments and disposables for blood collection and separation, immunohematology solutions relating to blood grouping/cross-matching, screening and storing blood in the safest equipment available. We have been involved in Stem cell collection for several years. We are now offering patented placental cord blood processing systems. Our pioneering equipment and reagents perform the differentiation /sorting of stem cells for specific disease management protocols and regenerative medicine.

Connecting the DOTS:

We believe in providing solutions, not products. In doing so, we believe that we create enduring relationships – key to long term growth. We also believe that successful technologies are always the intersection of innovation and application. Therefore, at SPAN, we are working towards CONNECTING THE DOTS in the practice of TRANSFUSION MEDICINE by bringing together patients, clinicians, technologies and application specialists which results in providing better blood solutions, Better Patient Care.

We will work to expand our relationship in the field of blood management and create 360 degree solutions by understanding our partners’ needs.

Mission Statement:

Serve the community by partnering with care-givers and bringing home leading edge technologies that enhance the standard of the medical practice in India.

Created for Span Healthcare Private Limited - One stop Solution for the Transfusion Medicine Fraternity.