Nucleic Acid Test

Panther (NAT Testing)

Experience freedom and control over your molecular testing workflow like never before with the Panther system from Grifols. This fully automated walkaway platform provides test consolidation, random-access sample loading and proven assay chemistry to deliver high performance and results you can trust.

The Panther system provides unprecedented control of workflow, driven by random-access and continuous loading of molecular samples, reagents and consumables. This innovative design enables your lab to improve productivity and accelerate results, ultimately helping enhance patient care, while reducing lab costs.

Created to be a fully automated sample-to-answer instrument, the Panther system eliminates the need for batch processing and automates all aspects of nucleic acid testing on a single, integrated platform. This system combines true walkaway freedom with intuitive design for ease of use. With its extraordinary level of automation, the Panther system improves laboratory productivity and operational efficiencies, promising to transform the world of molecular testing as we know it today.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive, user-friendly software
  • Scheduled and automated maintenance
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Fully integrated, fully automated NAT
  • Fast access to reportable results.
  • Releases first reportable result in 3.5 hours,  then 5 results every 5 minutes
  • 275 results in 8 hours (IDT)
  • 500 results in 12 hours (IDT)
Created for Span Healthcare Private Limited - One stop Solution for the Transfusion Medicine Fraternity.