Apheresis Cell Separator

Apheresis Cell Separator (MCS+)

HAEMONETICS (Multi-Component Collection System) Apheresis Cell Separator (MCS+). The MCS+ offers a complete portfolio of protocols for the collection of platelets, red cells, plasma, and combinations of these. It also offers a range of possibilities for therapeutic apheresis procedures. The versatility of this system enables blood collection organizations throughout the world to implement a complete and economical solution for the automation of blood donation operations.

Product features:

  • Portable (< 30Kgs)
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Silent
  • Enhanced donor collection using single venous access to collect and return
  • Reliable with low failure/breakdown
  • Set-up for collection within five minutes
  • Protocol card-driven free upgrades for life
  • Superior product with un-activated platelets
  • Has a large base of users in the country, almost over 100 hospitals
  • Performs all protocols like:
  • Single Donor Red (SDR) cell (Two units of RBCs from a single donor)
  • SDR-P (red blood cells and plasma from a single donor)
  • Leuko-Depleted Platelets (LDP)
  • LDP-RBC (platelet and rbc from a single donor)
  • Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP)/ Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)
Created for Span Healthcare Private Limited - One stop Solution for the Transfusion Medicine Fraternity.