Blood Bank Freezers

Blood Bank Freezers (-30oC)

Helmer offers full range of Plasma storage freezers offer exceptional benefits to provide the most secure environment for your valuable blood products. These freezers have been designed to complement our blood bank refrigerators and feature superior cabinet construction, bacteria-resistant powder coating, foamed-in-place urethane insulation, and uniform temperature.
Plasma Storage Freezers are available in both the i.Series® and Horizon Series™ lines. i.Series Freezers feature the i.Center Integrated Monitoring System. Horizon Series Freezers offer a microprocessor temperature controller and alarm/monitoring system. Refrigeration system defrost can be programmed to the actual time desired, allowing defrost cycles to run automatically during low use periods. Plasma Storage Freezers are available in two interior configurations, 8-drawer and 4-drawer, 4-shelf. The 8-drawer version features the Cold-Shield System with hinged door air shield. All Helmer Plasma Storage Freezers meet the AABB and ARC criteria for blood plasma storage.

Horizon Series™ / i.Series TM

Model Capacity / Size Interior Configuration
iHPF120-4 572 liter / 360 Plasma Boxes 4 Drawers / 4 Shelves
iHPF120-4 572 liter / 360 Plasma Boxes 8 Drawers
iHPF125-4 714 liter / 464 Plasma Boxes 4 Drawers / 4 Shelves
iHPF125-8 714 liter / 464 Plasma Boxes 8 Drawers
 Plasma Freezer
Ultra Low Freezers (ULF Series)

Key Features:

  • Power Input AC 220 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase
  • Temperature Range Setting -40o To -45o C.
  • Temperature Control & Display System having 7 inches HMI Touch Screen displaying:
    a) Set Temp b) Inside Temp c) Power Status d) Door Status e) Battery Status f) Alarm Status g) Date & Time
  • Audio & Visual Alarms for events like
    a) Door Open b)Temperature Deviation c) Power Fail d) Low Battery
  • Compressor System : Hermetic Sealed Compressor System with Ozone Friendly Refrigerants having Noise Level less than 65db.
  • Insulation: HFCC Free Poly Urethane Foam in place of 4 inches thickness.
  • Door having PUF insulation fitted with Sturdy Stainless Steel Handle with a provision of Lock & Keys.
  • Freezer body has a built in heating device to prevent a Frost built up during Ambient Humidity Conditions & also provision of auto defrosting available.
  • Have : ISO-9001:2008 / CE Mark / WHO-GMP Standards Certifications
  • Equipment mounted on Heavy Duty Castors having Front Two Lockable for ease of movement.
  • Provision of Alarm Mute & MCB built in with Remote Alarm Contact Facility.
  • Capacities Available : 200/300/360/400/500 litres ( ULF200X/ ULF300X/ ULF360X/ ULF400X/ ULF500X)
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Ultra Deep Freezers (UDF Series)

Key Features:

  • Fitted with Temperature Display/ Control / Printing System inclusive of Dot Matrix Printer to obtain 1-99
  • Mins interval ( User Selectable ) temperature records with Date / Time / Temperature. Inclusive of battery back up of 7 hours in case of Power Failure conditions.
  • Fitted with French Compressors ( Dual Cascade Compressor System in -80o C Freezers) ​
  • HFCC Free & CFC Free Insulation PUF in all above : -80o C - PUF - 6" Thick ( UDF Series)
  • Touch Screen System with Large Display Models available with Printing of temperature records on
  • Yearly basis in Graphical & Numeric formats .
  • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Handles built in all models
  • Heavy Duty Castors built in for ease of Mobility .
  • ISO9001:2008 , WHO-GMP Certified , CE Mark & IEC61010-1-2010
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