Management Team
Sanjay Ganapathy
Mr. Sanjay Ganapathy

Chairman & Managing Director

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Sanjay brings years of experience, gained in India and the United States, in the field of Transfusion Medicine. He is the founder of SPAN and has been at its helm since its inception in 2005. Sanjay is a Chartered Accountant by education and also has a Masters in Accounting from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Ravikumar NB

Director - CFO 

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Ravikumar has had an impact from the day he joined SPAN just over 10 years ago.  As a CFO, he has given uncompromisingly to creating the structure that is the backbone of the functioning of SPAN – ERP, ISO, Process Management and Controls, Reporting Formats…the list is long and flattering. Ravi is a self-starter – he looks for solutions that improve outcomes without being asked to. He has brought a much-needed flavour of professionalism to SPAN.

Mr. Pankaj Kaul


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Pankaj Kaul has been there from the day SPAN started and he has helped build the organization with the team of 6 that were there on Day 1. He is now the Director and has earned the right to be counted among the key leaders that will take SPAN to the next step on the ladder.

Mr. Ravikanth Adapa

General Manager - North & East

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Ravikanth Adapa is one of the senior-most members of SPAN and has grown into an astounding leader and manager. He has a long record of strong contributions to the company.

Ashok Prasad
Mr. Ashok Prasad

Deputy General Manager, Technical

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Ashok Prasad has spent over 14 years at SPAN Healthcare Private Limited and he has demonstrated his commitment to the organization and the customers the organization serves without compromise. He is the building block and the go-to person for the customers in the North and East. 

Mr. Rehan Ansari

General Manager

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Rehan has grown from a young apprentice 14 years ago to a leader who 

understands the market and customers with a maturity way beyond his years. He is a customer focused individual who gets things done.